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As experts in communications and mobile device security and a subsidiary of the Thales Group, the European leader in cyber security and world leader in data protection, we are developing a complete range of solutions to counter data, devices and communication hacking.

My contacts and my communications are highly confidential

My contacts and my communications are highly confidential

  • You enjoy using Whatsapp/Telegram in a personal and professional context
  • You have VIP contacts in your address book
  • You are connected to an extended community of customers and partners
  • You frequently travel abroad and attend conference calls
  • You don’t want your data to be used for advertising purposes
  • You want powerful tools that give credibility to your business

Do you want to protect your communications and your address book from hacks, interceptions and commercial profiling?

Cryptopass is the professional and secure messaging and communications application made for you

My whole life is inside my smartphone

My whole life is inside my smartphone

  • You store business and personal information on your smartphone
  • You frequently travel abroad and attend conference calls
  • You frequently connect to public Wi-Fi networks
  • You exchange confidential emails using your smartphone
  • You access business applications while away from the office
  • Your smartphone has been stolen or misplaced already

Do you want to protect all of this data in the event of smartphone loss or theft, hacks and interceptions?

Cryptosmart is the ultimate solution to secure mobile communications and devices

My files: securely shared

My files: securely shared

  • You are using cloud apps such as Box or Dropbox
  • You often exchange confidential files with external customers or partners
  • You share large documents
  • You want to use secure tools to give credibility to your business
  • You are mobile and need to access your data using your smartphone, PC and tablet
  • You are looking into saving photos from your smartphone to a secure cloud

Do you want to facilitate file sharing and synchronization in any location, and protect them against hacks and data leaks?

Cryptobox is the secure collaborative solution made for you

They trust us

Ercom secures mobile devices, communications and collaboration for businesses and public institutions

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The security of our solutions is recognized at the military level and certified by French and European authorities

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Mobile Communications and Data: Threats and Solutions - Insights

With more collaborative ways of working, multiple devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and smart objects (IoT), today’s business environment is complex, and makes it even more difficult to enforce security policies.

Cyber criminals understand this very well, and are now moving away from servers and computers to target mobile devices and the IoT. In its 2017 report, computer manufacturer HP (1) indicates that 64.9% of organizations see an increase in threats against their mobile devices.

CISOs substantiate this figure, with 63% saying the growth of mobility comes with higher security risks than expected….

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Audit Teams Next Generation Collaboration: Data Segregation and Forensic Chain of Custody

Throughout the corporate world, auditors, and especially internal auditors, play a key role in making sure that the whole company both respects rules and is efficient in its day to day operations. In order to perform these tasks, the auditor is required to:

• Gather and analyze evidence, produce reports
• Share these highly confidential documents with executives, other internal teams, and people external to their organization such as regulators
• Meet urgent time constraints

Having a simple and highly efficient collaboration platform that can enable audit teams to share both internally and externally is therefore key to productivity…

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GDPR: Executing data privacy, confidentiality and traceability

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force in May 2018 has been the topic of many debates over the last year (and is now a source of various concerns) as companies have quickly realized that it could have a major impact on their business processes and solutions in place, as well as a significant business risk if they are not compliant (the much-quoted 4% of worldwide turnover or 20 M€, whichever is the greatest). Had their customers been European citizens, the recent Equifax data breach would have directly impacted their P&L by tens of millions of US Dollars…

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Samsung and Ercom announce a new era for the secured mobility by launching Cryptosmart 5.2

From a technological partnership of several years, Cryptosmart 5.2 opens new possibilities for the deployment of top performing devices. Monaco, the 11th October 2018 – Today, Samsung and Ercom mark a turning point for enterprise mobile security, with the release of Cryptosmart 5.2, a globally unique solution to address increasing threats and the unprecedented risks…

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Ercom is strengthening its teams with the arrival of a Chief Operating Officer

Ercom announces the arrival of Patrick Plas as Chief Operating Officer to support future growth Ercom is pleased to welcome Patrick Plas to its Executive Committee. In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Patrick will be responsible for the proper execution of the Company’s strategic plan, and monitoring operational performance in all aspects, including product…

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Jacques Pommeraud joins the Ercom supervisory board

Ercom welcomes Jacques Pommeraud as a member of its Supervisory Board to assist with migrating toward SaaS and deploying customer success efforts. For more than 20 years, Jacques Pommeraud has developed a rich and diversified experience in supporting, managing and transforming new technology companies in the cloud. He graduated from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et…

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