Collaborative solution based on Cloud to communicate safely

Cybersecurity has only recently become a major concern and with the standardization of remote work, different entities have had to organize and adapt quickly. Videoconferencing or screen sharing between entities on restricted data and with the right level of security was then impossible.The major impact was the slowdown in inter-entity exchanges and collaboration on sensitive projects, forcing partners to set up face-to-face meetings. That's why ERCOM has designed a solution to exchange confidential information with the information system (IS) of another organization on the go thanks to Cybels Hub DR, the first cloud solution approved "Restricted Distribution" to finally collaborate securely!

Cybels Hub DR, the first "Restricted" level accredited cloud solution to help inter-entity collaboration in a secure environment! Cybels Hub DR offers several collaborative work tools, Cryptobox and Citadel, based on the Thales TrustNest Restricted Platform, a private cloud hosted, managed and accredited by Thales. Cybels hub DR enables the interconnection of the “Restricted” Information Systems (IS) of different organizations. These public and private partners can thus collaborate in complete security on the most sensitive projects.

Hub DR provides file sharing, audio and video conference and messaging features with a great UX to ensure an easy collaboration between stakeholders dealing with sensitive data.

Entities can offer this service to all employees on their Restricted network through a specific interconnection, or if they do not have a Restricted approved network, to certain employees to whom they will provide specific Cryptosmart terminals.

Threats / Answers

Your data has been hacked

  • Cybels Hub DR offers your data protection beyond any doubt.
  • Before leaving your terminal the data is encrypted to the exclusive attention of your recipients (members of a workspace or a share).
  • When transferring to the server, the already encrypted data passes through an encrypted tunnel between your terminal and the server. This tunnel is itself protected by an SSL connection (TLS).

  • The rule of the "two-man rule" ensures that only the user who has the right to access the data can recover from the server a secret that will allow him to access this data.

You are facing an internal threat

  • The Cybels Hub DR console provides audit logs to monitor anonymized access and actions.
  • The solution administrator may block or delete an account or terminal linked to an account thereby preventing unwanted access.
  • Users who own a workspace are able to see the latest changes to a file, revoke a user and revert to a previous version of a file or workspace globally.
  • The disaggregation of the data of each entity ensures the integrity and confidentiality of each client.

You are concerned that your data could be exploited in the hands of a foreign country

  • Thales has developed TrustNest Restricted Platform, a private, certified Cloud for restricted data.
  • The service is developed by Thales security teams and hosted in Thales data centers in France.

  • The partitioning between the networks ensures that no one can access your data.

Your cloud service provider appears to be compromised

  • Cybels Hub DR ensures that files stored on the server remain encrypted.
  • In addition, an administrator of the solution or cloud provider, however malicious it may be, will not be able to decrypt any data. 

The benefits of a secure collaborative platform


A simple and practical tool :

  • You keep all the functionalities of with an ergonomics comparable to the best tools for the general public (file or screen sharing, video conferencing, audio conferencing, group and individual chat).

  •  You benefit from shared workspaces, personal storage space and instant messaging.

  • Thanks to the power and flexibility of the cloud, you no more have to meet face to face, you encourage hybrid work modes and you can interconnect your partners to work on confidential subjects in an almost immediate way.


A solution compatible between entities:

All the services can be used with any “Restricted” information system.
• For partners not equipped with a Restricted Distribution IS or for partners equipped with a Restricted Distribution IS with urgent needs, you have the possibility to access the platform via the activation of Cryptosmart.
• With the Cryptosmart option, you can equip your employees working on Restricted Data with a latest generation of Samsung terminal, connected to the Hub DR, without having to invest in an approved infrastructure.


A secure and controlled collaborative platform :

  • Encryption and decryption are done on your terminal. Your data stored on the server remains encrypted.
  • During the transfer, the communication channel between the terminal and the server is encrypted and uses an additional TLS encryption layer. Your hosting provider does not have access to the content or encryption keys.
  • You manage internally the users of the solution as well as its configuration, facilitating its use and its approval.

  • You control your data.

The trust of the ERCOM ecosystem :

  • We guarantee your sovereignty and strategic independence as well as the integrity and confidentiality of the data and communications exchanged.
  • ERCOM provides solutions and services with a user-friendly interface and implements customer success processes to ensure adoption and satisfaction.