Cryptobox is the collaborative work and file transfer solution approved by ANSSI Restricted Distribution that encrypts your data from end to end, available in any environment, Cloud or On Premise.
Your documents are then accessible in a totally secure way from your PC, smartphone and tablet.
No risk of hacking your data since it is encrypted from your terminal to storage and your password is not stored on any server.


  • Your teams regularly exchange confidential or large files.
  • You work with a multitude of internal and external partners.
  • Your employees are mobile and need to access their data via their smartphones, PCs and tablets.
  • You are looking for a professional sharing solution to combat Shadow IT.

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Threats / Answers

Your data has been hacked

  • Cryptobox offers your data protection beyond any doubt.
  • Before leaving your terminal the data is encrypted to the exclusive attention of your recipients (members of a workspace or a share).
  • When transferring to the server, the already encrypted data passes through an encrypted tunnel between your terminal and the server
  • This tunnel is itself protected by an SSL connection (TLS).
  • The rule of the "two-man rule" ensures that only the user who has the right to access the data can recover from the server a secret that will allow him to access this data.

Your cloud service provider appears to be compromised

  • Cryptobox ensures that files stored on the server remain encrypted.
  • In addition, an administrator of the solution or cloud provider, however malicious it may be, will not be able to decrypt any data.
  • Indeed, the two-man rule ensures that a person who has recovered the encryption key linked to a part of the file cannot do anything about it without the corresponding key held by one of the users who have the right to access that file.

You are facing an internal threat

  • The Cryptobox console provides audit logs to monitor anonymized access and actions.
  • The solution administrator may block or delete an account or terminal linked to an account thereby preventing unwanted access.
  • Users who own a workspace are able to see the latest changes to a file, revoke a user and revert to a previous version of a file or workspace globally.

You have a doubt about who accesses what data

  • Cryptobox guarantees that only authorized users can access workspaces based on their role (owner, member or player). Similarly, an administrator is not able to access the content of workspaces.
  • Apart from the asymmetric encryption of the data, the accesses themselves are cryptographically controlled.

Your employees use collaborative platforms that are not secure and not controlled by your company

  • Because administrators of a solution do not necessarily have the right to know about it, Cryptobox allows them to focus on managing the system, users and their terminals.
  • In the same way, users must remain in control of their data and their shares, Cryptobox allows them to share and collaborate in a very secure solution with an ergonomics comparable to the best tools for the general public.




 Your data is encrypted from end-to-end

  • Your data stored on the server remains encrypted
  • Encryption and decryption are done on your terminal
  • Your data stored on the server remains encrypted
  • During the transfer, the communication channel between the terminal and the server is encrypted and uses an additional TLS encryption layer.
  • Your password is not stored on any server
  • As with a bank safe, 2 keys are required to access the data, one of which is under the exclusive control of the user


You control your data and costs

  • You choose your architecture (Cloud, On premise, Hybrid)
  • You optimize your costs by choosing your hosting provider
  • Your hosting provider does not have access to the content or encryption keys
  • Manage users of the solution with the administration console


You cooperate in all circumstances

  • You can access your data from your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • You benefit from shared workspaces, personal storage and instant messaging
  • You can share your files in a few clicks via a secure URL (alternative to Wetransfer-type solutions)


You adopt a sovereign solution

  • Cryptobox is used by the most demanding government entities and large international companies
  • Cryptobox has received the Standard qualification and the Restricted Distribution approval by ANSSI, the highest level of security in its category
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