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Cryptobox receive the Common Criteria EAL3+ Certification

Cryptobox by Ercom has received, during the Security Visa ceremony, the Common Criteria EAL3+ Certification delivered by ANSSI, the national authority in the area of cyberdefence and network and information security. Learn more


How are secure the phones of our Heads of State?

“All government departments are equipped with secure phones and an encryption solution. The Ercom solution is certified by the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI)”, adds Mounir Mahjoubi’s staff. Read more


Orange's Parnasse VIP service

Parnasse, the VIP ‘concierge’ service offered by Orange has expanded its offering with the introduction of Cryptopass solution. Read more


Orano chooses Cryptopass by Ercom to secure its communications

Ercom announces the deployment of its Cryptopass solution at Orano (formerly AREVA) to ensure the confidentiality of its employee communications, including those working abroad. Read the press release here


Here the ultra secure Smartphone of the French President!

Emmanuel Macron, the French President, communicates with Cryptosmart, the ultra secure solution deployed on Samsung Smartphones.

Sources: BFM article translated


Ercom launches its public Bug Bounty program

After a first successful private step, the Cryptobox solution is now exposed to attackers in a public bug bounty program ! Click here for more informations.


Ercom presents its new brand Bleckwen

ERCOM presents its new brand for fraud prevention: BLECKWEN. BLECKWEN offers a real time anti-fraud solution for bank, based on Machine Learning. Discover our solution: www.bleckwen.ai

White Book
Audit Teams Next Generation Collaboration: Data Segregation and Forensic Chain of Custody

Throughout the corporate world, auditors, and especially internal auditors, play a key role in making sure that the whole company both respects rules and is efficient in its day to day operations. In order to perform these tasks, the auditor is required to:

• Gather and analyze evidence, produce reports
• Share these highly confidential documents with executives, other internal teams, and people external to their organization such as regulators
• Meet urgent time constraints

Having a simple and highly efficient collaboration platform that can enable audit teams to share both internally and externally is therefore key to productivity…

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GDPR: Executing data privacy, confidentiality and traceability

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force in May 2018 has been the topic of many debates over the last year (and is now a source of various concerns) as companies have quickly realized that it could have a major impact on their business processes and solutions in place, as well as a significant business risk if they are not compliant (the much-quoted 4% of worldwide turnover or 20 M€, whichever is the greatest). Had their customers been European citizens, the recent Equifax data breach would have directly impacted their P&L by tens of millions of US Dollars…

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From a technological partnership of several years, Cryptosmart 5.2 opens new possibilities for the deployment of top performing devices. Monaco, the 11th October 2018 – Today, Samsung and Ercom mark a turning point for enterprise mobile security, with the release of Cryptosmart 5.2, a globally unique solution to address increasing threats and the unprecedented risks…

Ercom announces the arrival of Patrick Plas as Chief Operating Officer to support future growth Ercom is pleased to welcome Patrick Plas to its Executive Committee. In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Patrick will be responsible for the proper execution of the Company’s strategic plan, and monitoring operational performance in all aspects, including product…

Ercom welcomes Jacques Pommeraud as a member of its Supervisory Board to assist with migrating toward SaaS and deploying customer success efforts. For more than 20 years, Jacques Pommeraud has developed a rich and diversified experience in supporting, managing and transforming new technology companies in the cloud. He graduated from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et…

ERCOM, a French specialist in mobile communications encryption, announces the deployment of its Cryptopass solution at Orano (formerly AREVA). Cryptopass is a secure communication mobile app for businesses and governments that allows users to securely communicate (instant messaging, voice, audio/video conference). Orano opted for Cryptopass by ERCOM to ensure the confidentiality of its employee communications,…

Ercom completes its Board of Advisors with Chris Burke who will bring a wide range of expertise in scaling up mid-size companies and driving international development. Chris Burke has forged his career in the telecommunications, IT and technology spanning more than 30 years in both Europe and North America. He has held technical and management…

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From 26.09.2017 To 26.09.2017
New York, État de New York, États-Unis

Ercom will present Cryptobox at the Security Leader Summit the 26th September in New York.

From 11.10.2017 To 14.10.2017

Meet Ercom experts at Assises in the Hexatrust Pavilion

From 05.02.2018 To 05.02.2018
75007 Paris, France

Ercom participates to the Orange Cyberdefense live#2018 event to highlight his partnership with Orange

From 22.05.2018 To 22.05.2018
Hippodrome de Vincennes, Route de la Ferme, Paris, France

Come and meet us at the next special edition “100% Security Innovation Oriented” organized by our partner distributor Abbakan France

Are the smartphones of your organization secure?

Our smartphones are essential to our professional lives and contain a growing amount of information. We store customer contact details, emails, private communications, instant messages, and even financial and strategic information. In case of loss, theft or breach of a smartphone, the whole organization can be impacted. Especially if it is operating in a highly...

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Wifi: are you really well protected?

Connectivity and mobility are the two words that characterize the work of professionals today. For most managers and executives, it is impossible to work without Wifi. However, while digital transformation has profoundly changed the flow of communications and internal processes for organizations, it has also opened the door to new threats. Cyber threats are taken...

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How to protect your business against mobile cyber threats? – Act II

 At the heart of a mobile security strategy, now essential to any organization, lies the identification of threats, impacts and technical measures to be implemented to protect your smartphones, communications and mobile data. These technical measures are covered by a teeming ecosystem of business solutions, which still lacks clarity: Explanations and recommendations on Enterprise Mobility...

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