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Posted 1 décembre 2016

Data management is now at the heart of corporate strategies. Even if the cloud fulfills its promises in terms of access flexibility and cost of storage, not all software solutions are suitable for professional use. Due to tighter EU data legislation and increasing exposure to data loss, Ercom is now launching Cryptobox, the first secure cloud solution for professionals.


Highly monitored data management

New European data protection provisions aimed at giving citizens control of their personal data, and creating a high and uniform level of data protection throughout the EU, just received the approval from members of the Parliament. Among the new regulations, strict implementation and fines of up to 4% of their annual global turnover for companies that do not comply with the new legislation by 2018. Collecting, processing and transferring data has never been a more sensitive topic, considering over 90% of French companies already fell victim to a cyber-attack, according to a study published by Capgemini in 2015. A very worrying landscape. This is not so surprising considering cyber-attacks are exploding throughout the world (+38% according to PwC) and especially in France (+51%) in 2015.

Beyond the challenges associated with the growing volume of data and their processing, the fact that legacy systems and protocols are still in use among businesses significantly drives the trend upwards.

Meeting the new challenges of the open business

Let it be said that meeting the new challenges of the collaborative business necessarily involves rethinking security protocols to safely exchange data, within the business and with its surrounding environment. IT organizations are well aware of this. According to a survey conducted by Ipswitch in 2016 in Europe, 70% of respondents believe their company should invest in new services and technologies to meet these new challenges. Among these technologies, encryption tools (62%), analysis and reporting tools (61%), perimeter security (53%) and file sharing solutions (42%) top the list.

Securing the cloud: The new challenge

While the concept of the cloud fulfills its promises in terms of flexibility and data storage costs, all solutions are not created equal. Several companies learned this the hard way. One of them, Ashley Madison, a leading adultery website, saw the information of 33 million user accounts and a number of confidential documents vanish, some of which included very sensitive data. When it comes to security among software vendors, there are those who claim, those who do, and those who prove. Very few eventually possess a security certification delivered by an independent organization designed to ensure the alleged security level to protect access and transfers. Cryptobox, the professional secure data sharing solution launched by Ercom, a company specialized in secure communications, is among these. Cryptobox is undergoing qualification by ANSSI.

Cryptobox: A simple and collaborative solution

Cryptobox meets the requirements of businesses wanting to share all kinds of sensitive data, both internally and with partners and suppliers. Cryptobox features not only transparent and end-to-end security, it is also easy to install, operate, manage and maintain. Finally, Cryptobox supports any type of data hosting platform: in the cloud, on premises or hybrid. Therefore, the solution facilitates data exchanges and collaborative work. Companies can also benefit from the cloud, knowing the privacy of their sensitive data is maintained.


Cryptobox: Secure cloud

  • Device based encryption and decryption
  • TLS encrypted communication channel during transfers
  • Data residing on the server is encrypted
  • Passwords are never stored on any server
  • Just like a bank safe, 2 keys are required to access data, one of which is exclusively controlled by users
  • Patented solution for account recovery