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Posted 15 janvier 2021


Ercom wishes you an excellent year 2021!


The arrival of a new year is always the time to step back and take stock on the habits we want to adopt or simply improve.

You might want to eat healthier, exercise or get close to a family you hardly enjoyed last year.

At Ercom, we were also wondering about that and wanted to share with you our resolutions.


1- Meet in person

After almost a year of lockdown to fight against a silent pandemic, it is high time life reclaims it rights. Man, this social animal, needs to socialize. We need to create strong relationships with our speakers and chit chat.

Tired of these months communicating through screens via different solutions, we want, more than ever, to meet in person in accordance with sanitary specifications.

Spring, announcing revival will enable to lead the way to event such as exhibitions and user clubs.


2- Pamper you with content

Until we meet again in real life, today more than ever we look forward to providing you regularly with articles, infographics and other information, to share with you about the world of cyber.


3- Help you better protect your mobile devicesyour communications and your data

Your smartphone is one of the main vectors of malwares and other attacks. Thus, it is essential to protect yourself from them reinforcing its security. Use solutions like Cryptosmart that prevent you from threats and encrypts your communications and your data to ensure your safety and privacy: call, message and everything available on your device will be free of intrusions spying.

Citadel Team protects your collaborative exchange or in times of crisis doesn’t treat you like a product.

Cryptobox protects your data and internal collaborative shares but also to and from outside.


4- Act greener

We were already concerned about the topic but this year we want to go further acting in an ever more responsible way (ban single use glasses, tend towards 0 paper…).

Take care of our planet it’s also, and we rarely think of it, sort out our emails by getting rid of spams for example: did you know that digital was responsible for 3.7%* of carbon emissions and emits 4 times more than France?


5- Reinforce Company Culture

Our activity relies on the precious work of your employees. This year, and to compensate for a 2020 where we were apart from one another, we are committed to focus on them.

We intend to improve the quality work life of our collaborators, thanks to seminars, quiz, team-building activities and smiles.

We would like to work towards developing a company culture that reflects your values and satisfies our staff to better serve you.


So here is a brief overview of all we wish us for this New Year. Life is made of surprises, we wish them nice, numerous and safe for you in 2021.


And you, what are your professional resolutions?


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