Secure your smartphone and mobile communications



  • Communications (voice, data, SMS…) and increased access to business data from any type of device generate risks for the development of my company and the confidentiality of its assets (R&D, marketing, HR, sales information…).
  • Evesdropping, loss or theft of mobile devices, and intrusions to access their content, especially when traveling abroad, are threats that need to be addressed effectively. Mobile devices are also a gateway to the company’s information systems: Securing these devices is therefore of utmost priority.

My employees need to be able to communicate securely to exchange sensitive information with customers and partners. They are equipped with smartphones to communicate in real-time, anywhere in the world.

Allow my employees to use any network without worrying about the associated security risks.

Secure access to my information systems on these mobile devices.

Protect mobile access to corporate data and data stored locally against loss, theft, spying and intrusion.

Secure communications sent or received abroad.

Protect the communications of my employees on the move in order to reduce risks and achieve a level of security at least equivalent to that of a call between two devices inside the company.

Gérer l’opt-in / opt-out des clients pour accéder et exploiter leurs données

Permettre aux clients d’accéder à leurs données et de piloter leurs équipements, partout, tout le temps

Assurer la sécurité des données des compteurs et des équipements individuels, depuis chaque compteur / équipement jusqu’à la base de données centrale du fournisseur d’énergie

Interfacer mes outils RH pour faciliter la diffusion

Gérer de façon simple des groupes de diffusion différents (salariés individuels, groupes de salariés, organisation représentatives du personnel)

Respecter les contraintes d’hébergement local de certaines données

Mettre à disposition / échanger avec les salariés de l’entreprise des documents confidentiels, individuels ou collectifs, de façon pérenne (accessibles y compris après leur départ de l’entreprise)

Le tout dans un environnement sécurisé, entre des équipes réparties sur différents sites géographiques

Faire évoluer et partager en temps réel la roadmap de développement de nos produits en fonction des besoins des utilisateurs

Favoriser le développement en mode agile en impliquant l’ensemble des équipes concernées

Assurer une bonne coordination et un pilotage partagé du planning projet

Centraliser / partager des documents entre les différentes équipes internes

Respecter les contraintes réglementaires d’hébergement des données personnelles

Héberger les données dans un endroit neutre et sécurisé, avec un hébergeur n’ayant pas accès aux clés d’accès aux données

Garantir l’accessibilité des données sur tous types de terminaux, partout, tout le temps.

Utiliser une solution cloud pour réduire les coûts et assurer de la flexibilité en fonction de mes besoins en stockage

Centraliser / partager des documents de manière très sécurisée avec mes partenaires

Manage client opt-in/opt-out to access and use their data

Allow customers to access their data and control their equipment, anywhere, anytime

Ensure meters and individual equipment are secure, as well as the communications between each meter/equipment and the energy supplier database



  • Obtain an audited and certified security solution
  • Increase your employee’s adoption rate: The solution is integrated on consumer devices they are already familiar with
  • Seamlessly manage user smartphones
  • Ensure the security of corporate information
  • Protect access to the company’s information systems


  • Use consumer devices you are already familiar with
  • Leverage security features without impacting user experience
  • Stay connected with the company and your customers without worrying about the security of the network

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Ingram Micro France announces the distribution of the solution portfolio of Ercom, the French company specialized in securing communications, devices and data. Starting now, Ingram Micro offers Cryptosmart, a solution for securing mobile devices and communications, as well as Cryptobox, a solution for secure collaboration and sharing. These two solutions are…

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Orange Business Services, through its Orange Cyberdefense division, entered into a partnership with Ercom to market and deploy Cryptobox, an ultra-secure sharing and collaboration solution. As work environments are becoming increasingly open and collaborative, digital security and sovereignty are more than ever a priority for governments and companies. To meet these strategic requirements, Orange Cyberdefense…

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Cryptobox is a new secure collaborative solution enabling employees to securely share information internally and externally. Provided by Ercom, a company specializing in secure communications for nearly 30 years, Cryptobox ensures businesses can exchange information confidentially using end to end encryption. Easy to use and easy to deploy, Cryptobox is available on all types of hosting…

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Cryptosmart is recognized by the European Union as a trusted solution to protect the exchange of information from governments, institutions and companies Cryptosmart: THE ultimate solution to secure mobile communications and devices Mobility tools are a gateway to an organization’s information systems, whether it is a government, an administration or a company. 40% of smartphone…

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