The ultimate solution to secure connections to and from your computers.

To meet the new challenges of mobility and remote work, Ercom has developed Cryptosmart PC, a sovereign VPN solution to secure the connections of your remote Windows computers.

Cryptosmart PC is based on the proven technology of Cryptosmart Mobile, Ercom's historic solution for securing mobile communications, data and terminals.

This VPN solution is already used on the market to guarantee the integrity and security of exchanged data, remotely by your employees.


Stakes of protecting remote connections

Your teams telecommute or work remotely while traveling.

Your teams need access to the same resources as when they are in the office.

Your employees exchange sensitive data.

Your company's IT department must be able to manage remote connections regardless of the number of people connected.

Threats / Answers

You connect your computer on public networks and fear that your data might be stolen

With Cryptosmart PC the data flows are secured end-to-end. Cryptosmart PC does not allow any interceptions between your PCs and the gateway (located in your IS) by using the technology for Cryptosmart mobile certified by ANSSI (National Agency for the Security of Information Systems).

Your VPN supplier spies on your activity and creates profit thanks to your metadata

With Cryptosmart PC, no intermediary can access your data, you manage the system from beginning to end.

When abroad, you connect to networks (hotel wifi, airport, 3G/4G) that block traditional VPNs.

The administrator of Cryptosmart-PC can bypass these restrictions, by choosing open ports.

Your current VPN does not have a hardware component to enhance security in case your laptop is stolen

Cryptosmart PC has a USB key based on the Cryptosmart CyberSIM that is certified EAL4+ which allows, in case your computer is stolen, a double authentication to open a VPN connection.

The different VPNs on the market use known and fixed IP ports which makes them easily detectable and blockable.

The Cryptosmart PC administrator can define different IP ports and modify them to bypass possible restrictions by Wifi or mobile operators

The advantages of Cryptosmart PC



Connection to your highly secured information system

  • Government level security
  • Security mechanisms of Cryptosmart PC and its Gateway based on those of Cryptosmart mobile
  • Gateway provided by Ercom and installed in your Information System
  • Hardware security with the Ercom CyberSIM to reinforce the security level of the solution
  • Encryption keys controlled by the customer / administrator
  • Transparent security for the user, simply insert a USB key in which the CyberSIM is hosted and enter your pin code


You guarantee a secure and simplified access to your data working remotely

  • Already a Cryptosmart mobile customer? Your gateway and administration console are compatible with Cryptosmart PC, no additional investment is required.
  • New customer? Ercom makes sure to simplify all the installation steps by mastering all the essential components (gateway, PC client and USB key).
  • At home, abroad, in a restaurant or hotel, users have an easy, reliable and secure connection to your information system.
  • Cryptosmart PC is available on Windows 10.


You use a solution deployed to a very security demanding customer base

  • Cryptosmart PC is a French solution developed by Ercom, a Thales Group company.
  • The solution has been adopted by the highest government authorities (French Ministry of the Armies, etc.).
  • Unique and proven experience in securing mobile communications with Cryptosmart mobile, an Ercom solution certified for Restricted Information by the ANSSI.
  • Deployment of a sovereign solution, you use your own PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).
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