Messaging, voice and videoconferencing Citadel Team

The trusted alternative to mass market instant messaging solutions 

Threats / Answers

End-to-end encryption

To be activated when necessary: all your messages, documents, multimedia files and calls are end to end encrypted.

Chat and file sharing

Send messages and share files without limit up to 200MB per file!

Encrypted calls

Thanks to the encrypted HD calling functionality, you can make calls securely from anywhere.

Operated by Thales, hosted in France

The service is developed by Thales security teams, hosted on Thales and OVH infrastructures.

Administration console

Access the complete list of your users (activate or deactivate an option, deactivate an account, disconnect a terminal etc.)

No advertising nor data reselling

Citadel Team is GDPR compliant. No information is exploited or resold. Citadel Team does not display any advertising.




As easy to use as your personal communication apps, Citadel Team is compatible on all your terminals and offers all the standard features of instant communication.


Secure and sovereign

Operated by Thales and hosted in France, Citadel Team offers a high level of security and guarantees a model without data resell. Activated when necessary, with the end-to-end encryption option, only your devices can read your conversations.



Deploy, control and manage your corporate fleet from the Citadel Team administration console, while guaranteeing the identity of your users via their professional e-mail. 



Increased team reactivity, centralized conversations and file sharing in private or public personalized spaces for your projects.