Departments, central and local administrations face a strong digital transformation and sovereignty challenge.

Government entities need to change and streamline their operations. Administrations can leverage modern collaboration tools to help their staff with their daily tasks, internally and when servicing citizens.

Security and confidentiality of all exchanges is an imperative, especially when these digital exchanges (smartphones, file transfers) relate to national security.

Ercom, cyber-security partner of the public sector

For more than 15 years, Ercom has been providing collaborative solutions to the public sector.

In 2002, the French presidential plane was equipped with a secure communication system developed by Ercom.

Since then, several departments and government entities have adopted Ercom solutions, in France and abroad, to communicate and collaborate efficiently and securely.


Ercom: Recognized public sector security partner

Ercom has become a recognized partner for the public sector, with its unique expertise and solutions addressing specific challenges faced by central and local government entities: 

  • Ercom solutions already allow certain government entities to communicate and collaborate easily using the latest technologies (instant messaging, audio conferencing, synchronization and file sharing, mobile Internet…)
  • Security is at the heart of our solutions and relies on recognized expertise in encryption technologies
  • Our solutions are audited and certified by ANSSI (National Cybersecurity Agency of France) and other certification bodies abroad (Europe, NATO), allowing the exchange of sensitive information up to the Restricted Distribution level.
  • Ercom products are designed to meet the specific requirements of the public sector, including small or large scale deployments of dedicated or cross-departmental solutions, on premises or in a trusted cloud.
  • Ercom staff and integration partners have clearance to operate on sensitive government projects
  • Ercom is recognized as a trusted partner and referenced as a public procurement supplier (UGAP)

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