Private sector companies have productivity and agility imperatives to ensure their continued growth.

Today, effective communication solutions integrate features such as individual and group instant messaging, instant multimedia file transfers, video calls, and more.

At the same time, increased cyber-attacks against large corporations and SMEs are putting new threats on businesses. They must not only collaborate effectively internally and externally, but also secure their data and communications.

Ercom, cyber-security partner of businesses and Operators of Vital Importance

Through its encryption expertise, Ercom provides companies with secure and user-friendly communication and collaboration solutions.

By capitalizing on its Cryptosmart solution (mobile device and communication security), Ercom now offers a portfolio of solutions meeting the needs of mobile and sedentary professionals.

Cryptobox enables businesses to benefit from synchronized and secure file sharing.

Cryptopass also provides instant messaging and secure communications to all employees with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


To meet flexibility and cost control requirements, Ercom provides SaaS solutions with centralized fleet management capabilities.

Through their security and privacy by design approach, Ercom SaaS solutions create an open circle of trust where companies can confidently communicate and collaborate with their external partners (customers, suppliers).

Beyond increased productivity, data protection and authentification features provided by Ercom are useful tools allowing businesses to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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