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Hexatrust Summer School

From 05.09.2017 To 05.09.2017
Paris 16, Paris, France

Ercom will be at the Hexatrust Summer School at the Pavillon Royal in Paris the 5th Septembre 2017.

Mobile World Congress America 2017

From 12.09.2017 To 14.09.2017
San Francisco, Californie, États-Unis

Visit us on the OT-Morpho booth and discover our joint Cryptosmart SIM-POWERED solution.

Securtiy Leader Summit

From 26.09.2017 To 26.09.2017
New York, État de New York, États-Unis

Ercom will present Cryptobox at the Security Leader Summit the 26th September in New York.

Assises de la Sécurité

From 11.10.2017 To 14.10.2017

Meet Ercom experts at Assises in the Hexatrust Pavilion

NEACS 2017

From 17.10.2017 To 17.10.2017
Trumbull Marriott Merritt Parkway, Hawley Lane, Trumbull, Connecticut, États-Unis

Ercom will present Cryptobox at the Cybersecurity Summit the 17 October in Trumbull 2017.

NIAS 2017

From 17.10.2017 To 19.10.2017
MONS Expo, Mons, Belgique

Ercom will present at the NIAS exhibition its certified solutions of Cybersecurity.

Milipol Paris

From 21.11.2017 To 24.11.2017
Villepinte, France

Ercom will presents its Cybersecurity solutions

FIC 2018

From 23.01.2018 To 24.01.2018
Lille, France

Ercom will present during FIC 2018 its Cybersecurity solutions : Cryptobox, Cryptosmart, Cryptopass. Meet Olivier Guerrier, Manager, Security Business Unit at ERCOM during the workshop “Using agile security with Red Teaming and Bug Bounty” (wednesday 24th à 14h)

Legal Tech New York

From 30.01.2018 To 01.02.2018
New York, État de New York, États-Unis

We will be attending the Legal Tech event in New York City to present Cryptobox.

Orange Cyberdefense Live#2018

From 05.02.2018 To 05.02.2018
75007 Paris, France

Ercom participates to the Orange Cyberdefense live#2018 event to highlight his partnership with Orange

Secure IT Day

From 08.02.2018 To 08.02.2018
75019 Paris, France

Participate to technical workshops of Systems Security leaders. You will discover latest technologies and exchange with the experts.

Mobile World Congress 2018

From 26.02.2018 To 01.03.2018
Barcelone, Espagne

Visit our experts in Cybersecurity on our booth located in the Business France Pavillon, Hall 5 and discover our solutions of secured communications.

Roomn 2018

From 06.03.2018 To 08.03.2018

Ercom will participate at Roomn to present its solutions of secured mobile communications. During our Workshop (Wednesday at 10am), Thierry Markwitz from French Ministry of the Interior will share his feedback on the secure smartphones deployment.

AWS Initiate Day

From 27.03.2018 To 27.03.2018
Lyon, France

Ercom will participe to the public sector day of AWS Initiate Day in Lyon the 27th of March

AWS Summit

From 19.04.2018 To 19.04.2018
Bruxelles, Belgique

Ercom participes to the AWS public sector Summit organised in Brussels, more info


From 23.05.2018 To 25.05.2018
Saint-Tropez, France

Ercom, partner of the 14th edition

Assises de la Sécurité

From 10.10.2018 To 13.10.2018

Meet us on the Assises to discuss about your projects of secure communications and data!

FIC 2019

From 22.01.2019 To 23.01.2019

  Ercom will be present on 22 and 23 January in Lille for the FIC on stand #25, in the heart of the Hexatrust space. You can also find Raphaël Basset, VP Strategy, Innovation & Marketing at Ercom, at the workshop “Mobility and Safety: How to Adapt the Workstation?” (Wednesday, January 23 at 3 p.m.).