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Secure file-sharing and collaborative work in the cloud

Cryptobox provides businesses and organizations with a sharing and collaboration solution to secure internal and external exchanges, using end-to-end encryption. You can now securely access your documents from any device, control your data and costs with a scalable architecture and a patented security solution.

Your data is priceless: in order to protect it, we guarantee you a less then 6 months ROI

The solution to hacking and data breaches

Devices containing sensitive data can be lost and/or stolen

  • CRYPTOBOX encrypts all files before uploading them to a storage server, even while at rest.
  • CRYPTOBOX accounts can be locked and deleted remotely, preventing unwanted access. In this case, keys protecting the files are generated again, and the files are no longer accessible.

The Cloud Service Provider is compromised (or too curious)

  • Everything that is stored online is encrypted, and the keys are fully controlled by users, preventing the Cloud Service Provider or a hacker access to the decryption keys.

Network communications are intercepted

  • Data (and metadata) is fully encrypted before transmission
  • An additional layer of encryption is provided by SSL, protecting all communications

Insider threat

  • CRYPTOBOX provides audit logs to trace accesses and modifications originating from specific users or group of users.
  • Our two-man rule ensures only authorized users can access data, and our system has no “super-user” account.

Employees inadvertently leaking sensitive information by using unsecure means of communication

  • CRYPTOBOX provides an easy and secure way to share files by URLs which is compatible with any traditional means of communications, while still ensuring confidentiality.


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  • CRYPTOBOX encrypts all files before uploading them to a storage server, even while at rest.
  • CRYPTOBOX accounts can be locked and deleted remotely, preventing unwanted access. In this case, keys protecting the files are generated again, and the files are no longer accessible.

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The benefits of Cryptobox


Your data is encrypted from end-to-end

  • Encryption and decryption is performed on your device
  • During transfers, the communication channel is also encrypted (TLS)
  • Data stored on the server is encrypted
  • Unlike most solutions, your password is not stored on any server
  • Just like a bank safe, 2 keys are required to access data, one of which is exclusively controlled by users


You control your data and costs

  • Your encrypted data can be located anywhere (on your servers or in the Cloud)
  • You control costs by choosing any service provider
  • Your service provider does not have access to encryption keys


You collaborate everywhere, all the time

  • You access your data from your computer, Smartphone or Tablet
  • You choose your architecture (On premise, Hybrid, Managed Cloud, SaaS)
  • You can leverage various types of secure communications (instant messaging, video, voice, conference, files)

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