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Posted 19 juin 2015

Who have not, these days, experienced a failing or interrupted call while using their smartphone? It’s a fact tending to become widespread. The reason why is the significant increase in data sharing, by mobile devices and the CSFB (Circuit Switch FallBack) technology which automatically moves voice calls processing from mobile carriers’ 4G network to 2G and 3G networks:

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longer connection establishment times multiply the likelihood of call failure and are a real burden for telephone operators[1]. In addition to these qualitative aspects, there are financial ones: the cost (in terms of spectrum efficiency) of a call over 4G network, for the operator, is twenty times cheaper than a call over 2G and 3G networks! At the same time, mobile operators’ market shares are directly threatened by voice over IP (VoIP) actors such as Skype or Viber. To alleviate quality losses yielded by data and voice traffic and meet the VoIP competition, carriers will have to deploy voice over LTE (Long Term Evolution): VoLTE[2]. VoLTE is a technology meant to transport voice over 4G LTE mobile networks, voice coding being a “voice over IP” signal type optimized for mobile telephony. VoLTE takes advantage of LTE’s high performance, including 3 to 5 times more bandwidth, making it a full-fledged 4G technology. To properly deploy voice over LTE, operators need laboratories and staff with advanced technological skills, able to identify and measure the tools and ad hoc parameters required for a cost effective and quality optimized VoLTE deployment. A network performance assessment audit should first be conducted, then the elaboration of a step-by-step path to a suitable deployment must be done, because it is important to measure and define the right thresholds and settings. The pre-deployment analysis, with the help of the adequate tools, will be the warranty of an “unrisky”, fast, in line with the marketing plan and functional deployment. Technical aspects of a good deployment will be covered next week.

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