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Posted 2 août 2019

The disappearance of an employee smartphone can quickly turn into a nightmare. It is difficult to find reliable and recent statistics. Then again, which organization would want to disclose such a sensitive topic?

Because a stolen smartphone can potentially mean confidential emails, contracts, customer contacts, price lists, R&D and operational data are now in the wild, if the right security measures have not been implemented. In 2015, a Statistica study showed that 5% of employees in large corporations have had their smartphone stolen, compared to 7% in SMEs and 9% in mid-caps.

According to the DGSI (Directorate General of Internal French Security), 60% of theft cases occur in the premises of the company, 30% following the break-in of a vehicle or a residence, and 10% while traveling.

Also, a statistic published in 2013 showed that four computers disappear every hour at the Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport. What’s worse: 93% of the confidential information they contain is not encrypted.

While theft is problematic, an effective security solution can lock smartphones and encrypt their data using tamper-proof technology, and, if necessary, can locate and erase data remotely.

These features are essential for any organization, just like an insurance: we hope never to use it, but if needed, it avoids damages.

No company wants to be featured in the news due to a data leak caused by the theft of a smartphone. Because regardless of the value of the device itself, what matters is the data it contains. We secure our business premises, why not do the same with our smartphones?