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Posted 20 décembre 2021

The health crisis has prompted many companies to turn to off-premises solutions to communicate and share information and data with their partners and customers, but also with their own employees working remotely.

While some are satisfied with SaaS solutions available to everyone, some must measure their choices.

Éric DELEPOULLE explains why he chose Cryptobox to take the change and will share the benefits he has been able to derive from it.


Can you tell us more about your challenges at Eurosam and the choice of your tools?

In an increasingly demanding and changing environment, we promote excellence and provide our customers with products using the most advanced technologies, and in this area, there is no room for error.

And this level of excellence must also be put forward in all the tasks, all the functions of the company as well as with its various partners.

In these exchanges, both internal and external, the security and confidentiality of the data shared and made available is essential.

Naturally meeting these requirements, Cryptobox has arrived as a new digital workspace where we confidently exchange thanks to the level of security and confidentiality of our files: Eurosam documents are at Eurosam and they stay there.

In addition, Cryptobox was a great help when it came to anticipate and facilitate the transition to 100% teleworking.

For Eurosam choosing Cryptobox was the choice of security. Eurosam is committed to select innovative and ANSSI-enabled solutions to guarantee the highest level of security, even in the complex conditions imposed by teleworking.


What are your uses of Cryptobox at Eurosam?

What motivated us in the choice of Cryptobox is the fact that we can work collaboratively on a simple platform with our partners: they are essentially industrialists with whom the exchange of information can be very sensitive.

Cryptobox is used for specific projects that require sharing and using sensitive data.

Eurosam CISO, as administrators, assign licenses to users, manage their accesses and create workspaces becoming the digital extension of the physical working groups of Eurosam users.

Finally, at Eurosam, we particularly appreciate the synchronization client, which allows to automatically synchronize files and folders on our workstation, giving the possibility to have at any time and in their latest version, documents even without internet connection.


Who is Eurosam?

Eurosam was created in June 1989 as an economic interest grouping between MBDA France, MBDA Italy and Thales, European leaders in the field of missiles, systems and radars, which gives it major expertise in air defence solutions. Eurosam is the industrial prime contractor and system design authority for the development, production, marketing and in-service support of a range of medium- and long-range air defence missile systems based on ASTER missiles, also known as Future Surface Air Systems Family (FSAF). These systems were developed under contract with the French and Italian governments, which at the end of the 1980s had reached similar conclusions regarding their operational requirements for air defence. This cooperation, which was extended to the United Kingdom in 1996, has been successful in both maritime and land exports.


Who is Ercom?

Ercom is a French company specialised in terminal and communications security, a subsidiary of Thales, a European leader in cybersecurity and a world leader in data protection. Ercom deploys its solutions in France and internationally to institutions and companies that need reliable, simple and highly secure solutions.

To learn more about Ercom, visit: https://www.ercom.com/