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Posted 28 juillet 2015

We previously discussed mobile telephone companies’ struggle to monetize voice traffic against VoIP operators (Skype, Viber, etc.) and rely on their experience to serve VoLTE, by delivering high definition voice signals through mobile battery saving delivery mechanisms. At the same time, the Internet of things raises another question, the network convergence one.

The deployment cost of an Internet of things dedicated network is not cost effective (discrete data packets) and thus the question of integrating this traffic into an existing network arises. Let’s take the example of a smart GDFSuez water or EDF electric counter: a small amount of data packets would be sent 3 or 4 times a year, requiring very few resources and quality of service. The approach is hence completely different for operators, in comparison with what we have discussed about VoLTE deployment or online games for example. In internet of things’ field, Sigfox* company’s very innovative approach has to be noted, a French start-up based in Toulouse that deploys, using proprietary technologies, networks exclusively dedicated to internet of things. To meet this competition and to address the convergence related issues, operators are moving very actively towards 5G promotion, the only known solution to the convergence of all services into one single network: human + industrial internet issues. The real question is then: how to standardize all these opposed needs such as voice quality for a demanding user, an electric smart meters requiring very few quality of service and throughput, and a connected car with a strong need of security and quality in its applications. Could current events reach beyond normative thoughts? Koreans, hosts of 2018 Winter Olympic Games, announced they would be the first 5G covered games (powered by Samsung) and the Japanese announced the same thing for Summer Olympic Games (Tokyo / 2020). This means the standard will certainly be published between 2018 and 2020 then…

* Sigfox : www.sigfox.com