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Posted 25 février 2021


Meeting with Hervé Postec, who gave us a moment to share his feedback on the use of the sharing and collaborative solution Cryptobox.

Director of the Line of Business Space Telecommunications of Telespazio France, Hervé talks about the different elements which favoured the adoption of Cryptobox in his company.


How have you heard about Ercom?

The tale begins with word of mouth. I heard about Ercom from colleagues and customers already cooperating with this company. They highly recommended Cryptobox.



Which factors drove your decision to choose Cryptobox?

Beyond the recommendation which was at the origin of my choice, what really convinced me in Cryptobox offer is firstly the professionalism of Ercom teams. Indeed,in one single presentation of the solution, I could identify the application and its different uses.

Secondly, and this is the value proposition, this is the level of security, the simplicity of use, the possibility of collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, that triggered my decision to subscribe to Cryptobox.



How long have you been using Cryptobox?

At Telespazio we have been using Cryptobox for 3 years on daily basis already.

Cryptobox is indeed used by the Line of Business Satcom teams and support functions of Telespazio France to share files of different projects both internally and externally with our customers and partners.



How do you use Cryptobox?

We use Cryptobox for most of our projects and offers.

We create a workspace for each project or offer so we can collaborate safely and be certain of the good seal between data and users.

Internally, if we largely use the web interface, we prefer Windows client with its instant updates of file or the upload of heavy files.

Externally, our partners mostly use web interface.


What would you say to another company hesitating to adopt Cryptobox?

Despite the level of security of the solution, Cryptobox remains very easy to use: ergonomic and user experience encourage an adoption almost instantaneous.

Another advantage of the solution is that it enables an internal use as well as an external. Each workspace owner can manage and define the rights of each user of his workspace, internal or external one.

From the computer (Windows or MacOS) to the smartphone (iOS or Android) Cryptobox enables to work and collaborate in any situation with an excellent level of security specific to ones need.

Then, I would add that Ercom provides a sovereign solution and as a subsidiary of Thales group, there is no doubt about the sustainability of its solution.

To finish, the solution evolve regularly and Ercom provides a reactive and competent customer support in case of problem.

To know more about Cryptobox click here: https://www.ercom.fr/cryptobox/

Find out here another customer feedback on the use of Cryptosmart PC https://blog.ercom.fr/teletravail-cybersecurite/


Who is Ercom?

ERCOM is a French company specialised in communications and mobile device security and a subsidiary of the Thales Group, the European leader in cyber security and world leader in data protection.

ERCOM has deployed its solutions in France and abroad with major players who need scalable, reliable and highly secure tools.

To know more about Ercom, check the websitehttps://www.ercom.com/?_ga=2.105222090.838310633.1614182134-1684483673.1609772564


Who is Telespazio?

As a key player in space infrastructure operations for more than 30 years, Telespazio France supplies value-added satellite-based services and applications covering all of the key domains of space, from telecommunications and Earth observation to navigation.

Telespazio France is the French subsidiary of the Telespazio group, which is jointly owned by Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%). Based in the most emblematic French cities in the space sector, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris and Kourou (French Guiana), Telespazio France deploys its expertise to both institutional players and private companies.

To know more about Telespazio, check the websitehttps://www.telespazio.fr/en/home