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Posted 27 juillet 2016

In a previous post, the best of compromised objects have been presented. In this post, the focus is put on the best of hacking tools. Of course, this best of will not be complete, but it seems interesting to draw your attention to 4 uncommon objects: a pita bread, a Bluetooth keyboard, a Pringles box and a “rubber ducky” USB stick.

1/ The “Pita Bread Hack”*: As stated with humor in the below-mentioned article, nobody was concerned by the anxiety to have his or her computer, smartphone, Google watch or tablet compromised when drinking a coffee or enjoying a pizza. Well then, one should beware of pita gyros bars and restaurants! Israeli researchers have put in place a small device that could be hidden inside a pita bread, and which captures data shared by devices in the neighboring area by deciphering radio signals from CPUs to crack passwords. They labeled it the PITA (Portable Instrument for Trace Acquisition) device. What a sense of humor!


2/ The wireless Bluetooth keyboard: wireless keyboards are trendy, but who ever wondered if the Bluetooth system used for these wireless communications is secure enough? With really weak protections, these keyboards are perfect targets for cybercriminals (looking for banking data or passwords) and spies. You could read on http://korben.info/keysweeper-pour-sniffer-les-claviers-sans-fil-microsoft.html how Samy Kamkar devised a Bluetooth keyboard sniffer. Then you may decide if you keep yours or not…

3/USB Rubber Ducky**: It’s a USB stick that acts exactly as a keyboard once plugged in, but a keyboard that autonomously writes the code it has been told to write beforehand. Ducky is compatible with modern operating systems (Linux, Mac and Windows) and can send payloads: sending commands to retrieve computers’ data at 1000 words per second. Very handy to install backdoors on your friends’ computers…

Within the same family, the USB stick Killer 2.0*** burns out a motherboard in a matter of seconds once charged…


4/ At last, this is not new but it’s irresistible, a Pringles box has many resources and can be used as a good WIFI sniffing antenna against your neighbors… you just need to plug a motherboard in. http://walyou.com/pringles-can-mods




** http://korben.info/usb-rubber-ducky.html

*** http://hackaday.com/2015/10/10/the-usb-killer-version-2-0