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Posted 3 novembre 2016

Millions of professionals use these services every day to share data. But do they really provide the kind of security adapted to professional use? Unfortunately no.


Bad habits die hard

Who during the course of their business has never shared a document on Google Docs, shared a folder on Dropbox, or used the WeTransfer service to send a presentation? If you managed to make it through, that is because you are an extremely knowledgeable and cautious person, or your occupation doesn’t rely on any computerized exchange! Using these services during the course of business is now commonplace, even as it exposes businesses to critical legal and financial risks. According to the Protecting Corporate Information in the Cloud  survey from Symantec (2015), 44% of managers who manipulate sensitive data, have already uploaded professional documents to file sharing websites in order to work on other devices. More worryingly, 38% have shared information and business documents using social networks. This is a cause for concern considering cyber-attacks are exploding throughout the world (+38% according to PwC) and especially in France (+51%) in 2015!

Toward a new awareness

While the concept of the cloud fulfills its promises in terms of access flexibility and data storage costs, all solutions are not created equal. With the recent scandals such as the Ashley Madisson dating website leak that saw the theft of 33 million of its user accounts, or that of Yahoo with 500 million accounts, businesses are starting to take notice. The Achieving Security in Workplace File Sharing study conducted by Axway and Ponemon reveals that nearly 50% of companies consider that these cloud file sharing services are not suitable for professional use. Why? Mainly because it is very difficult, or nearly impossible, to identify loss or theft of sensitive data in the cloud. Risks are heightened by the fact that 69% of them seem to ignore the actual use of unsecure or unauthorized file sharing tools by their employees.

Securing the cloud: The new challenge

So what should be done at a time when the contribution of the cloud to enterprise productivity is undeniable? Turn to software vendors who offer professional guarantees. When it comes to security among software vendors, there are those who claim, those who do and those who prove. Very few eventually possess a security certification delivered by an independent organization designed to ensure the alleged security level to protect access and transfers. Cryptobox, the professional secure data sharing solution launched by Ercom, a company specialized in secure communications, is among these. Cryptobox is undergoing certification with ANSSI (standard level for “Restricted Distribution” certification).

Discover more on: https://cryptobox.ercom.fr/