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Posted 14 février 2022

The year 2021 was marked by an explosion in the number of cyber-attacks: times four compare to the previous year according to ANSSI.

A recent report from Thales CTI confirm this trend that will continue in 2022. The cybercriminals will continue to exploit the pandemic while still being more creative at stealing your data.

From simple phishing to ransomware affecting hospitals and companies, this year has shown that we are all a potential target. All kinds and sizes of organizations without exception are affected by these attacks. In one particular category, the Pegasus gate highlighted spying activities that are usually unknown to the layman.

Faced with this proliferation of threats, there are solutions but a better awareness must be generalized and accelerate.

An overview of what lies ahead this year in cybersecurity.


1. Ransomware and malware will take centre stage 

In 2021, about 37% of organizations worldwide reported being victims of ransomware attacks, according to the IDC. At the same time, the amount of ransom reached no less than $2 million every day according to the Financial Crime Network of the US Treasury... And that number is not going to go down.

Ransomware attacks will also become more complex and personalized.


2. Data leaks will be more consistent  

The pandemic has exacerbated cybercrime. The hasty use of telework has led to an increase in threat exposure. New doors have been opened within the information systems.

Cyber criminals have been able to detect and exploit these new vulnerabilities in order to massively steal more and more data.

The number of data leaks will increase. The breaches will also be more impactful and costly for affected organizations and governments.


3. Attacks on video conferencing tools will intensify  

Over the past two years, many employees have discovered the world of teleworking from home, transforming the way they communicate with their colleagues. At that moment, video conferencing tools have flooded the market.

This explosion in usage is followed by a shady observation: more than 30% of companies say they were the victims of an attack on their video conferencing tool in 2021, according to the Acronis Cyber Readiness Report.

Organizations must therefore adopt policies and procedures for their employees to use platforms with enhanced security.

LB Cyber sec

4. Cybercriminals will target mobile devices  

The use of smartphones and tablets has also dramatically increased in recent years contributing to the explosion in the use of mobile wallets and payments.

The health crisis creating a global rush to work remotely or hybrid mode has resulted in an increased use of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. As a result, the number of malware attacks on these mobile devices was much higher than on PCs.

The 5G deployment is also a significant risk factor. The number of connected devices will grow exponentially. These connections will actually increase the exposure surface and vulnerabilities exploitable by cyber attackers.

5. Awareness will be the key to cybersecurity awareness

Cyber-attacks now make headlines. Phishing, ransom demand, virus… these different attacks are all equally devastating. For both the image and the bank account…

In 2022, to anticipate and defend from attack, the democratization of knowledge will be essential to the sustainability of private and public organizations. Awareness raising and regular training of employees will be at the heart of their cyber strategy.

Employees have to assimilate the best practices so that they get a good computer hygiene.

6. Digital sovereignty will take back its rights

Governments and businesses are increasingly encouraging European solutions in the face of GAFAM and China’s raise in new technologies.

The France also played an important role: the deployment of the €1 billion “France Relance” plan subsidized the acquisition of French cybersecurity solutions by public organisations. This national plan has led to the emergence of accessible and sovereign publishers and companies. By 2022, organizations will be more focused on sovereign, high-performing and competitively priced solutions.

These sovereign solutions cannot be limited to services or products exclusively French or European, certain needs may not be covered by local solutions. The digital sovereignty of a service or solution can only be real if, on the one hand, the holder has exclusive control over it or has delegated it to a trusted entity and, on the other hand, the solution or service can continue to operate autonomously, at least for a period deemed sufficient.

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7. Investments will increase

In 2022, 55% of companies plan to allocate or increase their budgets to fight fraud. Organizations' need for secure digital tools has increased, and budgets allocated to these solutions is set to increase to deal with increasingly prepared and targeted attacks.

As mentioned above, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron announced the deployment of the French cybersecurity strategy with an investment programme with a budget of one billion euros.

This plan aims to triple the sector’s turnover to €25 billion and double employment (target: 75,000).

This investment will go through the Cyber campus, which will open its doors this month as an emblematic place of the industry, bringing together companies, state services, training organisations, research and associations on the same site.

It also involves setting up a digital equivalent of the "call 911" which will enable anyone to report live a cyber-attack (virus, hacking...) and be immediately connected with a specialized operator.


Closing remarks to Stéphane Lenco, RSSI of the Thales Group:

"Cybersecurity is essential to do Digital "right", from start, by default, by design and in operations. Digital has taken a vital role in everyone's life, in 2022 and beyond, this has even increased with the "work from home" of the Covid / Post Covid World. At the same time, geopolitical tensions and malicious criminal actors challenge the digital stability through crimeware and cyberwarfare. More than ever Cybersecurity is key, through technology solutions and cyber-aware people. Because "Citizen make the city, and not walls or ships without citizen in them" as Thucydides once said."


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