Facts and figures

Digital customer journeys now allow consumers to apply for credits or subscribe to services and purchase products in a few seconds on the Internet. The volume of online sales in Europe continues to increase by more than 15% per year (source: Statistica B2C online sales) and the volume of outstanding consumer credit increases by almost 5% per year. At the same time, fraud is growing at an unprecedented scale, and takes various shapes: application fraud, identity theft, President’s fraud, social engineering…

. billion

Consumer credit fraud (1)


Fraudulent applications on car purchases (2)

out of companies

Victims of attempted fraud (3)


Average cost of the President’s fraud (4)

Sources : (1) Cross-estimates from various financial institutions in France (2) UBS 2016 (3) DFCG study - Euler Hermes 2016 (4) Central Office for the Suppression of Major Financial Crime

Ercom advantages

Ercom, as an historical player in simulation & performance measurement in telecommunication networks, has developed competencies in the management of thousands of events per second. Based on those competencies, Ercom now offers anti-fraud solutions combining the advantages of artificial intelligence and big data.


Increase the relevance of fraud cases with artificial intelligence

  • Reduced number of false positives
  • Real-time detection of new cases
  • Reduced maintenance efforts with self-learning models


Improve the operational efficiency of your teams

  • Intuitive graphical user interface for decision-makers
  • Context enriched by several databases
  • Complete dashboards to drive your teams


Get the best combination of supervised and unsupervised models

  • Learning from your history to detect new fraud attempts, and automatic update by analyzing new files
  • Detection of anomalies and previously unknown fraud patterns with a second set of machine learning models
  • Ability to handle a large number of events and scale to growing use

Use cases


Fraud on bank transfers: social engineering (including President’s fraud and supplier fraud)


Fraud on credit applications with identity theft


Fraud on e-commerce purchases

Fraud Analytics by Ercom and you


You are a Risk Manager and would like to improve the performance of your department


You are a Fraud Analyst and would like to get a powerful decision-making tool


As a company, you want to protect your customers

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