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Posted 23 mai 2018

ERCOM, a French specialist in mobile communications encryption, announces the deployment of its Cryptopass solution at Orano (formerly AREVA). Cryptopass is a secure communication mobile app for businesses and governments that allows users to securely communicate (instant messaging, voice, audio/video conference).

Orano opted for Cryptopass by ERCOM to ensure the confidentiality of its employee communications, including those working abroad.

The Protection Department and CIO of Orano chose Cryptopass for several reasons: Sovereignty of the solution, a high level of security without reducing the quality of communications or the ease of use of the application, and centralized fleet management. Cryptopass offers an alternative to the use of consumer solutions, as shadow IT, which caused a dispersion of information within the company.


“We were looking for a solution that met several criteria so that employees could communicate confidentially, particularly in sensitive regions,” explains Hamid HADDOUCHI, Information Protection Manager at Orano. “This solution needed to be as easy to use as available consumer solutions, and include high-end and end-to-end communication security. We were also looking for a solution that would easily integrate with our secure mobility architecture. Shadow IT had also become a problem, as these clandestine systems cannot be controlled and are therefore a potential source of information leaks. ERCOM has proved to be the ideal partner to meet these requirements. Moreover, the fact that it is a French company has also weighed in the balance, in terms of governance and data sovereignty.”

With Cryptopass, communications are encrypted from end-to-end, including when transiting on ERCOM servers. Encryption keys are temporary and secretly exchanged between communicating terminals: no one can access communications. The solution is undergoing CSPN qualification by ANSSI. It also offers the ease of use expected by iOS and Android users.

We are delighted that Orano uses our services to ensure the safety of employee communications in the energy industry where information is very sensitive,” explains Yannick Dupuch, President and CEO of ERCOM.


ERCOM is a French company specializing in secure communications, devices and networks. ERCOM deploys reliable, simple and highly secure solutions to governments and corporations in France and abroad. Cryptosmart is the only solution to secure mobile communications and devices (voice, data and SMS) certified Restricted Distribution by ANSSI, NATO and the EU. To learn more: www.ERCOM.fr

Press contacts Morad Salehi – Agence Oxygen – +33 6 79 78 16 76 – morad.s@oxygen-rp.com

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