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Posted 31 août 2016

Cryptosmart is recognized by the European Union as a trusted solution to protect the exchange of information from governments, institutions and companies

Cryptosmart: THE ultimate solution to secure mobile communications and devices

Mobility tools are a gateway to an organization’s information systems, whether it is a government, an administration or a company. 40% of smartphone owners use them to store sensitive data.1 Cyber-attacks can cause heavy financial losses and even affect national security. New European regulations further require companies to implement data protection measures, or face fines of up to 4% of their worldwide turnover for violating their obligations.

Cryptosmart is the only solution providing government level security on consumer devices, facilitating its adoption by all users. This solution is deployed within governments and large enterprises to protect their sensitive data on the move, against loss, theft and spying.
It has also obtained the Restricted Distribution certification from several organizations, including NATO and ANSSI in France. ANSSI is one of the most demanding organizations in the world regarding security.


1 CNIL, 2011

Restricted Distribution certification: The Grail for Cryptosmart

Cryptosmart has already demonstrated its status by obtaining multiple certifications. By gaining the Restricted Distribution certification in the Netherlands, Ercom secures the Grail: The Restricted Distribution certification at the European level. “Restricted Distribution” is the level of security required by countries to protect the exchange of government information.

This new certification allows Ercom Cryptosmart to demonstrate its credibility with governments, institutions and companies looking for security solutions to protect their communications and devices in the European Union and outside.

“Obtaining this certification is exceptional and provides a real recognition for our product and our teams in charge of its development: through this EU certification, Cryptosmart enters the exclusive club of security solutions for mobile communications and devices certified by ANSSI, NATO and the EU. This allows us to explore new market opportunities and continue to foster the excellence we systematically seek. It really is a sign of confidence that we have just obtained, an additional guarantee of security for our current and future customers,” declares Yannick Dupuch, CEO of Ercom.

About Ercom

Ercom is a key French player with 30 years of combined expertise in two key areas: Telecommunication network testing and simulation (4G/LTE, 5G and IoT), and cybersecurity. Today ERCOM offers two main product lines: communication, device and information security solutions with Cryptosmart and Cryptobox, and network simulation and optimization systems with Mobipass.
To learn more: www.ercom.fr

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