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Posted 13 février 2018

With this partnership, Ercom and Abbakan address the growing demand of ever more mobile and connected employees for security solutions

Ercom, the leading French vendor in its field, has been offering its telecom and cryptographic expertise to customers for more than 30 years. The company invests heavily in R&D in order to develop and deliver solutions for securing business communications, data and devices. Its solutions are qualified or undergoing qualification by French ANSSI, and has several French institutions such as the Elysée Palace (Office of the President of the Republic) and the Ministry of Defense among its customers.

Abbakan, for its part, has been a major distribution player (VAD) of IT security solutions in France for 15 years. Based in Courbevoie, the company has made a name for itself through its strong channel activities. Abbakan provides its partners with end-to-end sales and technical support. With its own training center, Abbakan enables its partners with a dedicated training and networking space centered on the technologies it distributes. Its technical department supports its customers, mostly resellers but also integrators or “services providers”, with developing new offers or integrating new solutions.

“Ercom welcomes this partnership with Abbakan, a cybersecurity solutions distribution specialist in France. This agreement confirms the growing demand for security solutions in the field of mobility, arising from collaborative needs, within and between companies. Choosing Abbakan to distribute our solutions confirms the relevance of our response to these needs”, declares Yannick Dupuch, President and CEO of Ercom.

“This new partnership is an opportunity for Abbakan to complement its cybersecurity offering with Ercom solutions, but also provide partners and customers with mobile and multi-device encryption solutions from a vendor committed to innovation and confidentiality. Abbakan is pleased to have Ercom among its partners”, adds Frank Navarro, President and CEO of Abbakan

As mobility increasingly exposes us to the risks of interception, disclosure or compromising the information we exchange (phone calls, client files sent by email, etc.), Ercom is positioned to secure these exchanges in a simple, intuitive, powerful and immediate manner, with:

Cryptosmart: The only French solution certified “Restricted” by ANSSI, the EU and NATO, jointly developed with Samsung to secure mobile devices and end-to-end mobile communications (voice, SMS and data) on consumer smartphones and tablets.

Cryptopass: Application combining the ease of use of consumer solutions and the security level required by professional communications, on all mobile devices (iOS, Android and PC), CSPN* certification ongoing

Cryptobox: The first solution for sharing and collaborative work, EAL3+ Certification and Standard Level ANSSI Qualification ongoing, providing end-to-end data encryption for cloud storage, with enhanced security.

About Ercom 

Ercom is a French technology company that specializes in securing devices, communications and data sharing, and has been in business for over 30 years.  Ercom provides a complete range of easy-to-use and government-grade solutions to cover the growing needs for internal and external secure communications for all types of enterprises.  Ercom has recently launched its Artificial Intelligence business to address various verticals, starting with fraud management for Banks.

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